Georgia Southern Football Parking

Game-day parking spaces are numbered and assigned to individual donors. The Paulson Stadium parking spaces have been renumbered for the 2014 football season. PHYSICAL SPACES HAVE NOT BEEN RELOCATED – JUST RENUMBERED.

Current donors may purchase online parking for the 2014 football season. All current donors who held parking spaces for the 2013 football season will be sent renewal notices on March 14, 2014. When you renew your current space, please refer to the parking row links below for the row you held last year to locate your revised parking space number.

Revised Parking Space Links: Click on the link for your 2013 parking space row.

Rows A, B, C, D, E: Click here.
Row F: Click here.
Row G: Click here.
Row H: Click here.
Row I: Click here.
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RV Lots: Click here.

New donors may request parking online starting May 17, 2014 or by calling 912-478-5520 for more information. A $10 processing fee will apply.

Each assigned space will be protected for a donor’s exclusive use from 8:00A.M., the morning of a game, until the conclusion of the game. The assignment of spaces is based on the Priority Points System.

• Annual fees are assessed depending on the size of parking space required. Please see the Parking Categories noted below to determine the size space you require and the associated fee.
• The ordering process allows people to request specific locations and/or groupings of spaces so that the game-day atmosphere in the parking lot at Paulson Stadium is maintained.
• The Ceramics Studio Parking Lot and lower portion of the Performing Arts Center Parking Lot have been designated as ‘General Admission’ and are available for any donor at the $120 (True Blue) level or higher, if they choose not to purchase an assigned space. A General Admission hang tag is required, and is valid for either General Admission Lot. Hang tags will be provided to True Blue level donors and above, who choose not to purchase Paulson Stadium Parking.

Parking Categories

Large Tailgate/RV Parking
For the 2014 Football Season, the minimum level donation required to purchase an RV Parking spot is $1,200. The parking fee associated with the RV/Large Tailgate spot is $500 per spot.

Individual Parking
For the 2014 Football Season, the minimum level donation required to purchase an individual parking spot in Paulson Stadium parking lot is $600. The parking fee associated with individual parking is $100. The individual parking spaces measure approximately 10’ wide by 20’ deep.

*RAC Parking lower lot is a minimum $300 donation and a $100 parking pass.
*RAC Parking upper lot is minimum $120 donation and a $100 parking pass.

Handicap Parking
For the 2014 Football Season, handicap parking at Paulson Stadium will only be available to current Eagle Fund members, who have met the minimum $300 donation requirement and who purchased a parking pass for $100.

In order to obtain a handicap parking pass, you must register your state-issued handicap hangtag with the GSU Athletic Foundation office. There are 72 spots designated for handicap parking (Cowart Building parking lot and on the side of the preferred parking lot), and they will be sold on a first-come, first served basis.

All game-day shuttles are handicap accessible and are available for non-donors.

Golf Cart / Utility Vehicle Policy
To ensure the safety of our fans at all home games, Georgia Southern University Police have implemented the following motorized vehicle regulations for the use of golf carts and utility vehicles.
• Drivers must be licensed drivers 16 years of age or older.
• Open container and DUI laws will be enforced for those operating motorized vehicles.
• Motorized vehicles must have headlights and taillights when operating after dark.
• Fan safety is our utmost concern at Georgia Southern Athletic events.