A Tradition of Giving:

In 1982, a small group of individuals formed the Southern Boosters to garner support for a fledgling football team at Georgia Southern University.

Many years later, that group of faithful charter members has grown to thousands of supporters across the country, who proudly provide Georgia Southern athletes with scholarships from both an unrestricted and endowed basis. Now known as the Georgia Southern University Athletic Foundation, the foundation also benefits the athletic program with the construction of athletic-related facilities, equipment purchases and other goods and services necessary to the operations of the athletic department.

The Eagle Fund, the annual donation campaign for the Georgia Southern University Foundation, utilizes 92% of the received gifts directly for student aid. This monetary support keeps alive our vision of “Rings and Diplomas,” granting every student-athlete at Georgia Southern the opportunity to pursue his or her goal of a college education and a championship ring.

Eagle Fund donors become an integral link between a promising student-athlete’s potential and the rewards of graduation and championships. Our donors are making a direct impact on the lives of young people.